Fan Zhong

Lena Dunham

October 12, 2010

Filmmaker Len Dunham’s quarter-life crisis.

World Cup Soccer

June 4, 2010

At this year’s fifa World Cup in South Africa, Team USA’s four-year tour of duty culminates in an epic series of 90-minute clashes with the planet’s soccer superpowers. But in the one major sport where America is almost always the underdog, there are five secret weapons of shot-stopping, superstar-shackling, goal-plundering mass destruction who are gunning to turn david into goliath.

Choreographer Michael Clark Nominates Artist Duncan Campbell

February 20, 2010

The saga of John Z. DeLorean, the American automotive entrepreneur who produced the iconic gullwing DMC-12 from 1981 to late 1982, seems like it rolled straight off the Hollywood assembly line: There’s a rags-to-riches tale, a montage of glamorous women, and even a coke-dusted downfall (a 1982 FBI sting operation caught DeLorean allegedly trying to […]

Twenty Most Beautiful People of the Decade

December 17, 2009

In a decade when it has become daily ritual to witness our most famous, talented, and beautiful people in their gym sweats and flip flops at Starbucks, unaware of the long-lensed sniper in the bushes capturing them in exactly the angle of light and time of day that is maximally unflattering, we thought it’d be fitting to end the ’00s with a glorious, glamorous look back at the 20 most beautiful people that have graced the pages of our magazine in the past 10 years.


July 7, 2009

Turntables aren’t just a blast from the analog past. Designers, artists, engineers, and musicians are re-imagining the record player as both instrument and art object.

Five Dials

March 7, 2009

Craig Taylor makes a heartbreaking PDF of staggering Internet genius. His literary revolution comes to you by e-mail.

David Lynch, Marketing Director

December 1, 2008

It’s not hard to see why the French love David Lynch. His movies are often oblique, impenetrable, and downright difficult—which are, of