Armchair Traveler: Organic Matter

The art world too global for you? Each week, Interview highlights in pictures the shows you’d want to see—if you could jetset from one international art hub to the next.

Henri Dimède, Cosmos, limited edition prints, 33 x 48,5 cm. On view at Michèle Didier in Paris through March 15.

Enrique Brinkmann, Presencia, 2011, oil on steel mesh, 120 x 105cm. On view at Rosenfeld Porcini in London through March 29. 

Ugo Rondinone, we run through a desert on burning feet, all of us are glowing our faces look twisted, 2007-2013. On view at the Art Institute of Chicago through April 20. 

Benedict Drew, Heads May Roll, 2014. On view at Matt’s Gallery in London through April 20.