The Young Guns of Hollywood

Every year Hollywood graduates a number of young, ambitious up-and-comers into full-fledged action heroes and serious film stars. These eight standouts from the class of 2014 are about to have the year of their lives. Welcome to summer.

Luke Bracey

Given his earnest, manly demeanor and his leading-man looks, it's a little surprising that 24-year-old actor Luke Bracey got his start playing a devious teenager on an Australian soap opera.

Jack O'Connell

Growing up in Derby, England, Jack O'Connell saw his future on the soccer field. At least he did until the age of 13, when a drama teacher suggested he should audition for television roles.

Liana Liberato

In 2011 Liana Liberato broke out playing a teen who is sexually assaulted in David Schwimmer's dark drama Trust.

Nicola Peltz

Nicola Peltz grew up in Westchester County, New York. In the first two seasons of Bates Motel, Peltz, who is now 19, played the bewitching Bradley, the kind of girl Norman would have followed right up to the edge of sanity.

Douglas Booth

Sitting down to chat with Douglas Booth is a bit like staring into the sun. The 21-year-old British actor has the kind of impossibly good looks that would be distracting, if not downright off-putting, if he weren't also so talented.

Ansel Elgort

Ansel Elgort is what is traditionally called a triple-threat-he acts, dances, and sings.

Sophie Cookson

Last spring, 24-year-old Sophie Cookson was in her third year as a drama student in her native England. Then, along came Kick-Ass (2010) auteur Matthew Vaughn, who, despite reported interest from Emma Watson and other known-knowns, cast Cookson in the lead role of The Secret Service.

Alexandra Daddario

At least one of the reasons we binge-watched and obsessed over True Detective early this year was Alexandra Daddario's performance as the seductive woman scorned.



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