Sebastian Kim


Age: 22. Hometown: New York City. Currently resides: The East Village. Occupation: Artist. Day job: I was working for a gallery in the West Village, but I just sort of stopped. Now I’m working on my own things, painting mostly. Best odd job: I was living in Shanghai a few years back and randomly went to this casting call. Afterward, a woman called me and was like, “Do this movie.” It turned out to be The Forbidden Kingdom—some crazy weird kung fu film. It’s not really my thing, but it was a big deal in China because it was the first movie to star both Jackie Chan and Jet Li. I played a thug and did a lot of glaring. Childhood hero: Former New York Knicks basketball player John Starks of “The Dunk” fame. Current role model: Michael Rockefeller. Favorite fictional character: Uh, I don’t know. I’m reading The Oresteia right now. It’s pretty rad. Theme song: On the Crystal Antlers’ EP there’s this song, “A Thousand Eyes.” The lyrics go, “Why do we have to try to see with a thousand eyes?” or something silly like that. But it’s really good. 

Thomas McDonnell

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06/27/10 9:52pm

Saw you (I think) tonight on Law and Order CI "Broad Channel". Made enough of a good impression to see who played Eddie Boyle. Led me to your website with some interesting art, including the girl in the changing color dress. And then to this. You are very talented and I wish you the best. Look forward to seeing your work, art or acting. Elizabeth Connors Sleepy Hollow NY
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