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Current Issue

September 2017

JW Anderson's Uniqlo collab

Northern Irish designer JW Anderson created a collection he hopes "any demographic can relate to". Interview's fashion editors cherry pick their favorites.

She's a self-made star, she's a Bronx icon—she's "THAT BITCH." And her fans are helping the rapper stream her way to the top.

Vic Mensa's fashion week jams

The Chicago rapper picks the anthems that get him fired up for New York fashion week.

The Track
Of The Week

Nadine Shah

Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs

Judging by the trailer, the auteur's new film Isle of Dogs might have you weeping.

Grace Jones documentary

It's time to take a trip into the glamorously chaotic world of Grace Jones-first stop: the official trailer for Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami, a new documentary about the pop culture icon.  

A superfan reviews I, Tonya

Mike Yerxa—who has been enraptured by the Nancy Kerrigan-Tonya Harding drama since ’94—gives us his unfiltered thoughts on the Craig Gillespie adaptation.

10 must-see movies at TIFF

From crowd-pleasing James Franco meta-narratives and a documentary exposé about old Tinseltown's X-rated underbelly to a nauseating portrait of a Japanese cannibal, we've singled out 10 gems destined to appeal to a broad swath of cinematic appetites.

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Brit Marling



36 Questions and the Future Of Musicals

36 Questions, the new musical podcast written and composed by Chamber Band's Christopher Littler and Ellen Winter, begins with a betrayal. 

Other Features

Christian Cooke

"It's a bit of a beast," says Christian Cooke of Knives in Hens, the play he's currently performing at the Donmar Warehouse in London.

A Seismic Struggle

Chiara Barzini has invented a fresh, energizing twist on the fish-out-of-water coming-of-age story in her hilarious, gorgeously poignant novel Things That Happened Before the Earthquake.

The Rise and Rise of Ryan Raftery

The downtown chanteur takes on Martha Stewart in a new musical about the lifestyle mogul’s Shakespearean downfall.

Stanley Whitney

Two quirky artists—Stanley Whitney and Joyce Pensato—met at New York Studio School in the '70s, and despite their polarizing tastes, they still know how to share a laugh.

Sara Kay's new gallery

The new Sara Kay gallery is a haven for fringe artists—women and outsiders. 

Borna Sammak

At a crossroads in his career, the typically prolific artist takes a minute to plot his next move—and fire off a few tweets.  

Artists at Work: Susan Cianciolo

This fall, Susan Cianciolo will unveil two concurrent solo exhibitions; the first, "RUN church, RUN Restaurant, RUN Store," at Stuart Shave/Modern Art in London, and the second, "Susan Cianciolo: RUN PRAYER, RUN CAFÉ, RUN LIBRARY," at Bridget Donahue in New York. 

Other Features

Tyler The Creator

The L.A.-based collective Odd Future has injected hip-hop with a dose of punk rock, inciting a furor with hardcore rhymes about sex and brutality and cornering the market on millennial angst and agitprop weirdness. Meet the 20-year-old rapper at the center of it all.


Interview and Cadillac Celebrate HORIZON during Marfa Film Festival

July 14, 2017 @ Saint George Hall and Bar Nadar, Hotel Saint George, Marfa, TX

2016 Fashion Awards

December 5, 2016 @