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Current Issue

April 2014

Rag & Bone's Camera Man

Glen Luchford has become Rag & Bone's go-to photographer, and it's not difficult to see why.

Eyes Wide Open

In 2013, Prada Eyewear and Italian publisher Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore challenged writers around the world to craft an essay based on the following prompt: "What are the realities that our eyes give back to us? And how are these realities filtered through lenses?"

Being Cheeky

The new extreme mini cuts sky high for an attention-stealing look wherever you go.

Chuck Ragan's Balancing Act

"It's absolutely breathtaking, what I'm looking at right now," Chuck Ragan says as he looks out his tour bus window en route from Spokane to Missoula. The singer-songwriter is on I-90, closing in on the next city of his spring tour.

Discovery: Ace Reporter

Chris Snyder is something really special. The creative force behind Ace Reporter has done it all: has a degree from Harvard, was a classical violinist, and spent half a decade playing the New York club-circuit as the frontman of The States. After The States went their separate ways, Snyder didn't want to just jump into another musical relationship.

The Track
Of The Week

Exclusive Song Premiere and Interview: 'Push,' Battle Lines

Kate Mara, the On-screen Radical

The directorial debut of longtime celebrated cinematographer, Wally Pfister (The Dark Knight), Transcendence is an ultra-modern, cautionary tale for the techno-savvy. Kate Mara plays Bree, a radical environmentalist and leader of RIFT (Revolutionary Independence from Technology).

Anika Noni Rose, On Stage and On Screen

Anika Noni Rose, who made a name for herself in theater, has several noteworthy upcoming films including Sundance's Imperial Dreams, Half of  a Yellow Sun with Thandie Newton and Chiwetel Ejiofor, and A Day Late and a Dollar Short with Whoopi Goldberg, which airs this weekend on Lifetime.

Casting Call: Dalí and I

For her next project, I Shot Andy Warhol director Mary Harron is taking on the life of Salvador Dalí, based on the book Dalí and I: The Surreal Story, by art dealer Stan Lauryssens, who dealt in Dalí, and fakes, in often less-than-savory circumstances (the artist's works were often used as a vessel for money laundering). Dalí was drawn into Lauryssens inner circle, and even ended up living next door to the author.

Adam Brody’s Lack of Pretense

Filmmaker Susanna Fogel's directorial debut, Life Partners (written with collaborator Joni Lefkowitz), takes stock of the complex nuances of female friendship and the struggles that accompany transitioning into adulthood.

The Fault in Our Stars vs. If I Stay

This week:  The Fault in Our Stars vs. If I Stay, two star-crossed love stories on every tween girl's watchlist (and perhaps on ours too).

Other Features


Will Poulter



What's New: Isolde, Again

What would you do if you lost your memory? How would your life and relationships change if access to the standing record of you was abruptly limited without warning or consent? Such is the catalytic crisis of Isolde, the new play by lauded experimental director and playwright Richard Maxwell.

Other Features

Of Lilies, Monarchs, and Wayfarers

The Monarch, Gilded Lily, The Wayfarer–the names evoke something like a fairytale rather than Manhattan's newest hotspots. But they're the latter, created by two men who've forged their way to the vanguard of New York's scene: nightlife and dining powerhouses Eric Marx and Lisle Richards, partners with a combined two decades plus in the business.

Justin Go's Heir Miles

In Justin Go's debut novel, The Steady Running of The Hour (Simon & Schuster), the search for love is tangled in the past and its mysteries. 

Mike Harvkeys Clash Culture

In Mike Harvkey's stark, startling debut novel In The Course of Human Events (Soft Skull), brutality reigns in a bleak but beautiful and often darkly funny Middle America.

Armchair Traveler: Waterlogged

The art world too global for you? Each week, Interview highlights in pictures the shows you'd want to see—if you could jetset from one international art hub to the next. 

The Brooklyn Artists Ball Sets the Table

At tonight's Brooklyn Artists Ball to benefit the Brooklyn Museum, the centerpiece exhibition will be just that—a literal centerpiece exhibition, featuring tablescapes created by 16 artists and designed variously to make gala-goers' dinner experiences more thoughtful, playful, creative, and mind-blowing.

Ryan Korban's New Luxury

In his new design book, Ryan Korban: Luxury Redefined (Harper Collins), Ryan Korban not only reveals his approach, but also reminds us that sometimes creativity can't be taught. 

Swoon's Mother Lode

The centerpiece of Swoon's site-specific Brooklyn Museum show is a massive 60-foot tree, draped with layered and impossibly long fabrics dyed in rich earth tones and crowned with intricately cut white paper foliage, erected in the center of the museum's massive, skylit, fifth-floor rotunda.

How the Dallas Art Fair Takes You In

"A Guide to This Week's Dallas Art Events That Aren't at the Dallas Art Fair," read a local newspaper's headline earlier this week. Below conceded a photo caption, "OK, this piece is at the Dallas Art Fair." 

Other Features

Mary-Kate Olsen

Enter the Age of Individualism. Enter the Era of Iconoclasm. Enter the moment of independence. And enter Mary-Kate Olsen. A woman who is made for these times. Here she is: unabound, uninhibited, and un-twinned.


The Eye Ball Presented by The Joule Hotel

April 12, 2014 @ The Joule Hotel, Dallas, TX

Tiffany Debuts The 2014 Blue Book at the Guggenheim

April 10, 2014 @ The Guggenheim Museum, New York

The Cinema Society hosts a screening Lionsgate & Roadside Attractions' 'Joe'

April 9, 2014 @ Landmark Sunshine Cinema and Handy Liquor Bar, New York

Mary Katrantzou and MAC Host a Private Dinner

April 9, 2014 @ Indochine, New York City