Khaite’s SS24 Show Was a Heavenly High Fashion Heist


After nearly 20 minutes of jockeying for taxi’s on Park Avenue post Khaite, the Interview fashion girlies slid into the back of an Uber and got to gossiping about the cinematic, power-heavy silhouettes at the cool girl brand’s ’80s-inflected SS24 show.


TAYLORE SCARABELLI: We just left the Park Avenue Armory. We’re in the Uber on our way to Eckhaus Latta. We’re doing our Khaite show review.

LUCY GASTON: First of all the lighting was incredibly chic. Gorgeous.

SCARABELLI: Your comment was, “It’s the same as the store.”

GASTON: It was similar to the store, but with more movement.

SCARABELLI: I’ve seen photos but I haven’t been. The only dimly lit store I’ve been to is Hollister. No shade. 

GASTON: My mother would never enter Hollister. 

SCARABELLI: Okay. Well, I love Hollister and I love Khaite. But back to the show. My first reaction was, “This is giving heist. It’s giving Oceans 23.” 

DARA: Okay.

SCARABELLI: We saw a purse that looked looked like—

DARA: A bar of gold.

SCARABELLI: Exactly. Also there were the big duffles. The girls were ready to rob a bank.

GASTON: Also that giant coin purse was really chic.

SCARABELLI: Yes. And the first one that came out—I don’t know if you guys noticed this, but it was battered a bit.

GASTON: I didn’t see that.

SCARABELLI: I need to factcheck that but it was totally giving MK and A Birkin on the sidewalk vibes.

DARA: Wow. I love this storyline.

GASTON: And then the belts were hands.

DARA: Grabby hands.

SCARABELLI: And there were those tiny half gloves, if we want to go back to the heist theory. 


DARA: No fingerprints.

SCARABELLI: Not a trace left. 


DARA: And there was a big sleeve storyline. The blousy sleeve.

SCARABELLI: That made me nervous. I was like, I’m going to get spaghetti sauce on this. I cannot be trusted in a white.

DARA: I loved the little hot short with the blouse.

SCARABELLI: So sexy. I really appreciated just the neutral palette. I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect trench for fall.

DARA: I think you might have found it.

SCARABELLI: That shoulder!


GASTON: I mean nothing sets that gold brick off like—

DARA: A trench.

SCARABELLI: And a shoulder. That white leather number paired with the long white leather skirt—very Basic Instinct.

DARA: The sling back kitten heels though—

GASTON: Sensible chic.

SCARABELLI: The perfect getaway shoe.