Renell Medrano

Laura Harrier and Janet Mock on Representation in Hollywood and the Power of Beyoncé’s Touch

May 14, 2020

The star of Netflix’s “Hollywood” talks to her friend and collaborator about finding herself in the past, imposter syndrome, and that night at the Gold Party.

Rosalía Gets Beneath the Shades of Bad Bunny

June 11, 2019

He’s the crown prince of a genre that drips with bravado, and yet the Latin trap king is completely and utterly himself.

Bad Bunny Se Quita Los Lentes Para Rosalía

June 11, 2019

Es el príncipe heredero de un género que rebosa con audacia, y sin embargo permanece simple y completamente fiel a sí mismo.

Sheck Wes shows us 7 NYC locations that shaped his debut album ‘Mudboy’

October 29, 2018

The Harlem-born rapper drops a pin on his childhood haunts and earliest adventures outside the projects.