Michael Haddi


A Taste of Paradis: Winona Ryder, in Conversation with Jeff Giles

March 23, 2023

“It would be great if teenagers could make movies.”

New Again: Red Hot Chili Peppers

February 5, 2014

Over the weekend, the Red Hot Chili Peppers stormed onto the Super Bowl halftime stage to perform their 1991 hit “Give it Away” with Bruno Mars. When we first met the band, they still performed with socks on their cocks and were one year away from releasing their seminal album Blood Sugar Sex Magik.

New Again: James Brown

October 23, 2013

Interview sat down with the real James Brown, aka Mr. Dynamite, aka Soul Brother Number One, aka The Minister of the New New Super Heavy Funk back in December of 1990. Chadwick Boseman, this might be a useful reference.