Cara Robbins

Rostam Batmanglij is striking out on his own

September 11, 2017

He left Vampire Weekend. He worked on records for Frank Ocean and Haim. Now the ex-Vampire Weekender is putting the focus back on himself.

Japanese Breakfast

July 14, 2017

Grief supposedly takes place over five stages, but when one is expected to constantly discuss it, perform it, and revisit all of its correlated emotions and memories—as Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast did after the release of her debut album—that process is a bit more complicated.

Discovery: De’Wayne Jackson

May 25, 2017

Astrology may not hold much weight for many people, but it does for De’Wayne Jackson, whose sign colors the way he approaches the most important thing in his life: music.

Holiday Weekend News Roundup! So Long, 2016

December 27, 2016

Here’s our compendium of pop culture news you may have missed while you were doing more important things over the festive weekend.

Nick Waterhouse

October 7, 2016

“When it starts being played, it’s almost like you’re running across the top of water,” Nick Waterhouse says of his music. That territory, of skimming an unsound surface, is palpable in the 30-year-old’s rhythm and blues tracks.

Eric Andre, Off the Air

October 3, 2016

While sometimes it seems as though the line between Eric Andre’s onscreen and real-life personalities is thin at best, Andre assures us that he is a much more “normal” than he might seem.

Larry Clark’s America

September 23, 2016

In 1995, Larry Clark cemented himself in America’s filmic memory with Kids, a stark tale of sex-, drug-, and angst-fueled adolescence. But his candid approach—at times brutal, always unshrinking—extends far beyond his directorial mode.

Discovery: Kicks

September 8, 2016

Out tomorrow, Justin Tipping’s Kicks is a modern day, hip-hop infused version of Bicycle Thieves.

Gothic Tropic

July 28, 2016

While Los-Angeles based trio Gothic Tropic technically falls under the indie pop umbrella, their true genre is encapsulated in their name. With roomy, entrancing vocals and guitar guiding the way, they take inspiration from classic rock, Bauhaus, and West African music.

Matt Ross, Off Screen

July 7, 2016

At the center of Captain Fantastic, Matt Ross’s second film as a writer-director, is an unconventional family living in the woods in the Pacific Northwest.

BRONCHO Slows Down

June 23, 2016

Released earlier this month, BRONCHO’s third LP, Double Vanity (Dine Alone), marks a shift in musical direction.

Bleached to the Bone

April 4, 2016

Los Angeles rock trio Bleached just released its much-anticipated sophomore LP, Welcome the Wormsa 10-song compilation laden with both personal confessions and profound confidence.

Dan Levy’s Family Tree

March 15, 2016

Before Pop and CBC picked up Daniel Levy’s debut series as an actor and show runner, Schitt’s Creek, the 32-year-old Toronto native worked as a host for MTV Canada.

The Cult of Stephanie Rothman

March 7, 2016

As a lone woman making exploitation films in the heady ’70s, Stephanie Rothman was a skilled operator turning out the genre from the inside.

Discovery: Nyku

January 14, 2016

Music, and hip-hop in particular, has always been an integral part of 17-year-old rapper Nyku’s history.

Discovery: Dana Williams

December 9, 2015

Only 24 years-old, Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Dana Williams has already been deemed a “modern day Ella Fitzgerald.”

Behind the Scenes: August Getty SS 2016

November 16, 2015

Last week in L.A., August Getty presented “Thread of Man,” his Spring/Summer 2016 womenswear collection inspired by the skin tone of five different women.

Juan Pablo Raba Takes America

November 12, 2015

Five years ago, a Chilean mine collapsed in the Atacama Desert.

Yacht’s Future is Now

November 4, 2015

Following 2011’s Shangri-La, Los Angeles-based electro-pop duo YACHT has returned to the spotlight with a much-anticipated sixth studio album I Thought the Future Would be Cooler.

The End of Jim Shaw

October 23, 2015

Artist Jim Shaw’s first-ever survey show in New York is now on view at The New Museum.