Soundclouds of the Underground: Doom Dab Edition


These days, music truly lives online, with an infinite number of websites dedicated to hosting tunes for the laptop-wielding masses. However, the web’s bottomless pit of blogs isn’t the only place to troll for mp3 treasures—some of the newest and most exciting (Internet-friendly) artists can be sought out via Soundcloud, the online stage that allows musicians to promote and distribute their music to fans and friends across the globe. In this weekly column, expert Internet sleuth Alex Chapman goes into the depths of the music-sharing site, in hopes of shedding light on emerging acts, as well as sharing some digital diamonds in the rough.

Last night, NYC-based multi-genre label Doom Dab held the first installment of their new monthly party at Le Bain, the eminent nightclub inside The Standard Hotel. The label was founded last year by The Good Kids collective, a group that has already established itself in several scenes due to its ability to be at once experimental and accessible. The results is a mix of R&B, house, reggaeton, dembow, and a whole lot more. Below are three tracks that exemplify the Doom Dab phenomenon.

Thurmon Green: “Like That”

Who: The golden child of Doom Dab, singer Thurmon Green just dropped his debut EP, Adolphus, a beautifully consistent piece of work that explores accustomed R&B fare with a fresh, effortlessly cool perspective. A natural born talent who favors feeling over technique, Green’s sensual cadence and rich vocals are what truly make the tracks stand out with soul.

The Song: “Like That” is perhaps the most radio-ready record off Adolphus, with producer (and one of Doom Dab’s founders) Billy Scher providing a light and sexy beat that gives Green room for swift harmonies and an infectious hook. Summer might be over, but this track could keep you sun-kissed for months ahead.

Current Project: Although Green may have been celebrating his EP release last night, he’s by no means slowing down—tonight he’ll perform alongside fellow Soundcloud of the Underground alums Junglepussy and Jersey club queen Uniique at Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right. Get tickets here, and head to Thurmon’s Facebook page for more info.

Stryker Matthews
: “Stick”

Who: Another Good Kids member who is finally getting some long-deserved props is producer Stryker Matthews, who recently released his Shook EP, also with Doom Dab. Matthews’ material is versatile in its use of strange, captivating sounds and samples that to make up massive club bangers.

The Song:
One of the standouts from Stryker’s said EP is “Sticks,” which employs a mystical flute melody before adding on big B-more drums and an ominous bassline. The track is simultaneously sinister and sexy, inviting its listeners to get freaky on the floor as they please.

Current Project: Stay updated on Stryker via his Soundcloud and Twitter.

AHARAW x Billy Scher: CRAP Eyewear: Snack Pack Volume 11

Who: In addition to wearing both DJ and producer hats, AHARAW (or Alberto H. Arensberg) was behind the Good Kids collective and this year’s largely successful Club Yes party.

The Song(s): Scher and AHARAW teamed up for this mix recently released by CRAP Eyewear, wherein the two tease some of their musical influences, as well as their picks from the new crop of cool talent. Affiliates like Queens-bred rapper K Rizz and cyber-pop princess Liz make appearances, but it’s deep cuts like Dominican/Puerto Rican singer Arcangel’s “Hace Mucho Tiempo” that let you in on what makes Doom Dab so special.

Current Project:  Keep up with the guys via Doom Dab’s Facebook page.

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