Psych Out: Silver Apples

Founded in 2008 as a small gathering of psychedelic rock enthusiasts, The Austin Psych Fest has developed into an international hub for people in search of mind-bending music. In the past six years, the Austin Psych Fest has grown to feature leading artists of experimental and innovative rock. This year, a kaleidoscope of bands, including The Black Angels, Warpaint, Deerhunter, and Os Mutantes, played to a dancing crowd of devoted fans. Interview joined the festivities and traveled to Austin to document and interview some of our favorite bands-including the founding fathers of the festival, The Black Angels; the “dark-tropical” California natives The Growlers; and a pioneer of experimental music, Simeon Coxe of Silver Apples.

Meet Simeon Coxe of the legendary electronic duo Silver Apples. Starting with their inception in 1967, Silver Apples developed the foundation for experimental rock, dance, and electronic music. With their minimalistic style, driving use of synthesizers, and peculiar tonal modulations, Silver Apples’ musical narratives reflect the tides of time.