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The Interview Editors On Their Favorite Miley Moments

Miley Cyrus
Here at Interview, we’re in a Miley Cyrus state of mind. You might’ve heard she’s on the cover of our Fall 2021 issue, where she tells Lars Ulrich, the Metallica drummer and all-around rock legend, about the thrill of finding her groove. You might’ve also heard that we’ve created a super hot, limited-edition zine celebrating the Flora Fantasy in collaboration with Gucci Beauty, which sent us into a fill-blown Miley nostalgia spiral. Because we can’t get enough, we asked our editors to wax poetic on the Miley moments that have defined them. Go down the rabbit hole with us, and enjoy.



Editor in Chief

“The best Miley moment for me was the fallout of her “Blurred Lines” VMA performance INTO that interview where she’s like, ” I didn’t do anything wrong, I wouldn’t change a thing about that performance, and I’m not going to apologize,” INTO the world hating her, INTO “Wrecking Ball.” Like, do you remember anything else that was going on during that time? Not really. That’s why Miley Cyrus is a fucking GOAT, and why I love her.”


Executive Editor
“All of Miley’s appearances on The Howard Stern Show, which include the mandatory candid interviews that only Howard can pull off, and some of her best live performances. Her recent cover of ‘Doll Parts’ on the show is essential.”


“I am a huge Miley fan, her “Fade Into You” cover, “Adore You,” “Party in the USA,” it is hard to choose a song. So, I’m picking a Miley moment which is her decision to include an enormous inflatable replica of her dog Flloyd, who had recently died, on stage with her during her 2014 Bangerz tour. I found the whole thing weirdly relatable and very touching.”


Senior Manager, Brand Marketing + Special Projects

“My very first concert was the Boston leg of Britney Spears’s “Baby One More Time” tour in 1999. “SMS (Bangerz) isn’t necessarily my favorite song from this album, but there’s something especially remarkable to me about two generations of Disney graduates and gay icons that transpose my childhood and teenage years coming together on one track.”


Market Director
“I realized I liked Miley in an L.A. car. It was 2015, and my friend Tim was driving us around blasting “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz” on repeat. “Bang Me Box” is still VERY good.”


Digital Editor
“‘BB Talk,‘ no doubt. WHAT? That music video with the hint of nipple…the sound of the pacifier in her mouth… too good.


Editorial Assistant 
 “My favorite Miley moments are tied to music obviously. I wish I could narrow it to one but it boils down to a holy trinity of songs. “Can’t be Tamed,” was the first time I felt her rebellious energy shine through, and I couldn’t get enough of it. Not to mention the music video which is in itself a piece of art. The entire Bangerz album holds a special place in my heart since it served as the soundtrack to my college adventures—I especially love “SMS (Bangerz)” ft. Britney Spears. It is such a strange song but it brought together two of my favorite Sagittarius women, who also happen to be emblems of freedom and sexual liberation. Can’t get any better than that. Finally, I have to mention “Midnight Sky,” not only did the song mark the start of Miley Cyrus’s rock star era, but it also came at a time in my life when I needed a reminder that being on my own is sometimes the best feeling and the only road left to take. The song puts Miley’s talents on display, and the aesthetic reminiscent of 80s glam rock is simply majestic. Fire in her lungs, can’t bite the devil on her tongue, you know she’s Miley Cyrus—forever.”


“I have a ~lot~ of favorite Miley moments, but my favorite is probably her ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ era. I idolized Miley growing up, and it was one of the first times I remember seeing a woman I admired step into her own skin and throw off the expectations others had set for her. Plus, every song on that album is a bop.”


“While songs like ‘Wrecking Ball’ and ‘Party in the U.S.A’ are solid, safe choices, how can I not advocate for the moment when Miley Cyrus rapped “I’m in the club high on purp with some shades on” on a song with Juicy-J, dedicated to the greatest basketball player of all time? The behind-the-scenes origin story of the song is even better: Miley met Mike Will Made-It and recorded her verse for the song on the same day. According to Mike, ‘She told my engineer, ‘Turn the mike on,’ and she went in the booth, then she laid down the verse, and she killed it.’