It’s a Very Pink Friday! Nicki Minaj’s New Video Tastes Like Candy

Sure, there’s been another high-profile music video released in the last 24 hours—and all the Little Monster hype for “Judas” was certainly well-deserved! But we must say, there’s something else scratching our music-video itch this morning: the video for Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass,” an infectious little ditty which originally appeared on the deluxe edition of Pink Friday last fall and was produced by up-and-comer Kane Beatz. (Can we just use this occasion, by the way, to suggest that Nicki deserves her own collective noun for her fans, too? Maybe the Glass Minajerie?)

Everything about this video is perfect for a sunny spring Friday; from the moment Minaj, in a half-blonde, half-pink wig, busts out her trademark maniacal grin in the first shot, we knew we were hooked. We imagine Laura Mulvey might have something to say about the lingering pans on the male models’ abs (if anyone’s going to reverse rap-video gender norms, it’s darling Nicki). And start to finish, Minaj looks amazing. We liked the slightly TLC-ish edge to the outfit she shares with her backup dancers: white tank, neon underwear visible under unbuttoned denim shorts, and amazing fluorescent Doc Martens. She looks like she’s lost a little weight, too, and can thus work the pink giraffe-print bodysuit and fish-scale swimsuit like nobody’s business. But we’re most impressed by the striped glow-in-the-dark number at the end, and will likely spend the rest of the day wondering what excuse we can use to throw a blacklight party this weekend.