Out of Her Mind: Melissa Auf der Maur

Mid-’90s alt rock was not ­particularly renowned for ­producing rock stars with ­transcendent career trajectories. But with her recent ­independent multiplatform concept ­project, Out of Our Minds (OOOM), Melissa Auf der Maur—the flame-tressed bass player from Hole and, occasionally, the Smashing Pumpkins—has proven that artistic life can outlive the era of the babydoll dress. Her latest venture includes a short surrealist fantasy film directed by Tony Stone and starring Auf der Maur (pictured in stills below), a comic book illustrated by artist Jack Forbes, and a ­full-length album, and revolves around a few common themes, including some old ­classics: environmental destruction, time travel, and blood. More details at xmadmx.com.