Max Steele

Age: 24. Hometown: Alameda, California. Currently resides: Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Occupation: Go-go dancer, writer, performance artist, singer. Reason for coming to New York: To get as far away from Alameda as possible. Also, in California, when punk bands came to play shows, the cute-boy ones were all from New York. Day job: I’m an assistant at an entertainment law firm. I kind of like being the sassy gay boy on the phone. It’s sort of empowering to put CEOs on hold. Current project: Working on my first record, The Good Daughter. Worst nightmare: Waking up mute or invisible. To be relegated to being a spectator is just—ugh! Maybe it’s because I’m a Leo. Favorite fictional character: Weetzie Bat. Favorite nonfictional character: Grace Jones. Duh! She’s gonna live forever, man, and she will always be crazy-thin and will always be having sex and will always beat you up. Dream date: David Wojnarowicz in the late ’80s, Trent Reznor in the late ’90s, or Jason Schwartzman whenever. I like small, dark, handsome men. What can I say? Theme song: “How Naked Are We Going to Get” by the Blow. It’s pretty deep. -Lucy Madison