Fabiola Goes In for the Kill


The first time I heard “In for the Kill” was in Paris during the Chanel couture show. If that weren’t incentive enough to see them in New York (and it was!) my friend Richard Raymond, a film producer who has just worked on a film called Heartless (It’s a thriller and a love story and a horror film—in one! And not yet out in America), was dying to go. The lead in Heartless is played by cutie pie-cum-heartthrob Jim Sturgess. Long story short, Jim’s girlfriend is Mickey O’Brien,  keyboardist for La Roux.

Cronyism aside, the La Roux show was amazing. La Roux (the lady) apologized for her lungs, and explained she’d been forced to cancel a bunch of sets on her tour. Every time she put the microphone out in front of her, it meant she was winded, and that the audience should sing for her. But she trudges onward: I watched the tour bus drive away to Boston.