Industrial Darling Mia Carucci Is Experimenting With Horns in the Bedroom

Mia Carucci

This is SOUND ADVICE, a weekly destination for playlists curated by Interview’s friends, enemies, and lovers. Over the past few weeks, we’ve gathered playlists from Naomi Sharon, Jean Dawson, and Skype Williams. This week’s guest is L.A. underground artist, producer, and DJ Mia Carucci, who dropped their debut album, Deities in Stone, last month. It’s a hazy union of Carucci’s haunting voice over ten experimental tracks that range from aggressively industrial to cosmically transportive. The songs Carucci selected for us are equally esoteric: “This playlist is a good chunk of my core memory music,” they say. “Spiritual, whimsical, melancholic, sensual, soft, hidden, and sometimes explosive.” In our accompanying Sound Advice questionnaire, they tell us all about crowd surfing at their first Warped Tour and experimenting with jazz in the bedroom.


Where do you dance? Everywhere, literally… and then sometimes I act like I hate music in public and stand really still if I’m not feeling the vibez.

What’s on your bedroom playlist? Honestly it’s all over the place. This is dumb but I recently tried to roleplay in bed after rewatching Soylent Green and put on a ’70s euro jazz playlist to get in the mood with my partner and it was sooo nonsexual and unserious, like long ass high-pitched horn sections… but whatever, we made it work heehee. Yeah… I be experimental in the bedroom.

Who do you trust most with the aux? My lover.

What song do you have on repeat? Rola Azar – “رلى عازر – هي هي يا فلسطين”

Your album is called Deities in Stone. Which artist would you build a shrine to? So many, truly, but Chavela Vargas is on my heart in this moment.

What was your first concert? Warped Tour. ‘06, I think? Whatever year Killswitch Engage played and Howard Jones called the crowd “a bloody tampon” and I crowd surfed for the first time cuz I felt that in my soul.

What song on this playlist makes you cry? Every single one of them.

Name a song that reminds you of your childhood: DJ Patife – “Sambassim”

Dead or alive, who is your dream collaborator? Damn, that’s tough, I actively imagine myself working and meeting all my heroes, but maybe Brendan Perry (call me back pls!).

Name your favorite artist no one knows about: Miranda Sex Garden (group).

Where’s the afters? Club Bed. My bed.

What’s your go-to post gig meal? Blueberries

The world is ending, what are you wearing? My machete.

What’s your DJing pet peeve? People trying to introduce themselves to me mid-set. I’m so zoned in like, the room literally disappears and I go someplace else. It’s just a weird move.

What song is your guilty pleasure? Derek Fiechter – “Brown Fox Inn” lol. If u can throw ass to this track, ur my people.

mia carucci


Courtesy of Singulier Vintage

Makeup: Mia Carucci