Exclusive Video Premiere: ‘Talk Shop,’ Duologue


Music videos can be strange beasts: vying for the viewer’s attention by way of shock value and titillation, or serving as a platform for the artist to push a manufactured “image” on their audiences. But another option, in today’s visual jungle littered with wrecking balls and blurred lines, is that music videos can simply be fun. Los Angeles’ OK Go did this masterfully in 2007, with Grammy Award-winning treadmill dance-smash “Here It Goes Again.” Picking up where that group left off, London’s Duologue have inspired fans with innovative, delightful videos. Hot the off the heels of their previous single, “Machine Stop,” which was filmed using 10 XBOX Kinect cameras, Duologue present “Talk Shop,” which we’re pleased to debut below.


The song, which lead vocalist Tim Digby-Bell wrote on a crisp winter afternoon in his North London bedroom, is about “a guy who goes out and has the most amazing time by himself.” Musically, listeners may hear a touch of Thom Yorke by way of Electric Six‘s instrumentation, but they’ll be likely be too busy smiling at the main character’s dance moves for such a comparison to stick.

The members of Duologue, who admit that they’ll “be spelling [the band name] out to people for the rest of our lives,” have the ability to laugh at themselves—an infectious quality that, much like the song, is sure to grant them fans across the pond.