Exclusive Video Premiere: ‘So Right,’ The Mast



Of all the scene-kid fixtures John Mulaney and Bill Hader invented for the dearly-missed Stefon sketches on Saturday Night Live —Tranderson Cooper, Teddy Graham people, human fire hydrants, a stuck-up kitten who won’t sign autographs—probably none was as close to our hearts as DJ Baby Bok Choy, “a giant 300-pound Chinese baby who wears tinted aviator glasses and spins records with his little ravioli hands.”

Between little Bok Choy, the existence of toddler turntable classes in Brooklyn, and now, “So Right,” the irresistibly adorable new video from electropop duo The Mast, baby DJs may just be having a moment. The video stars Haleh Gafori’s 22-month-old nephew, who—after sneaking out of his crib via some iPhone-baby-monitor trickery—sets himself up on the ones and twos and ends up throwing a party worthy of Baby Ibiza, against the sonic backdrop of galactic, swirling synths and Gafori’s sweet vocals.

Gafori says her nephew gave her and bandmate Matt Kilmer the idea for the video himself when the pair was in California visiting family. “When we set up our gear to work on a track, he was right there beside us, motioning that he wanted to press buttons and play with the keyboard.  It was so cute and kind of mesmerizing to see him playing DJ.  That’s when the idea for the video was born,” Gafori says.

The Mast kept the creation of the video close to home: Kilmer shot the video, and Gafori directed it. “I wondered if we were out of our minds to think he could perform all the actions, but we figured if we made it a game and he was having fun through it all, there was a chance it could work,” she says. “We also knew we couldn’t have a big crew of strangers there because that might intimidate him and the other kids, so we were the whole crew. I directed, Matt filmed, the parents helped out a lot.  It was a game and a party from beginning to end, which definitely fit the vibe of the track.” We’d wager it’s also appropriate to soundtrack slightly more adult good times.