Exclusive Video Premiere: ‘Shaded In,’ Filous (feat. Jordan Léser)

After months of Skyping and emailing to create what is now the song “Shaded In,” Vienna-based producer Filous met Sydney-based vocalist Jordan Léser to film the video for the track, which we are pleased to premiere below. Set in a haunting, yet peaceful abandoned industrial complex in Lower Austria, the black-and-white aesthetics visually encapsulate the precise feelings of the song. The video begins with Léser alone in the debris-filled space, singing “I don’t want love to grow old … One day we’ll be gone,” but as the energy grows, so does the pace of the video. The audience is introduced to a painter, who attempts to refinish walls; a tailor, who measures a man’s shoulders for a jacket; and an electrician working on the restoration of the building’s lighting.

“Jordan once told me that essentially ‘Shaded In’ is a love song she wrote about letting someone go in order to free them again,” the 18-year-old producer says. “We wanted to find a place that would reflect the state of mind you would have while trying to leave something behind, and filming at a place that was at one point left behind seemed very fitting.”

But in addition to the painter, tailor, and electrician who attempt to make things new again, there are two chess players and a beautiful ballet dancer, all of whom suggest the presence of a long and arduous process. “With the video, we wanted to underline the theme of letting go,” Filous continues. “We tried to make a video that would support the central story of the song, rather than changing it, while still leaving room for interpretation.”