Exclusive Video Premiere: ‘Dreamers,’ Savoir Adore


Savoir Adore’s single “Dreamers” is insistent upon its primary instruction: to forget all of our worries and keep on sleeping. With a dreamy harmony and an ethereal woodland backdrop, the Brooklyn-based duo’s newest video has us convinced.

Taken from their sophomore record Our Nature, which will be released in this fall, the video reads like a cross between a trippy fairytale and an eerie game of make-believe. Paul Hammer appears in a forest under a midnight sky, shirtless and clad in a feather mask. He delves into the forest, where he joins bandmate Deidre Muro, an ice queen in white cloak and bejeweled eyes. They run together, washed in soft magenta light and a haze of fog—and that’s about it, but it’s enough to engender a pensive, trance-like state in the viewer.

Savoir Adore came about because of a dare between best friends Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro in 2007. Now the fantasy pop band has become a permanent fixture on the indie-music scene. Incorporating their signature folksy voices, hint of nostalgia, and lush melodies, “Dreamers” is the perfect carefree lullaby for a sleepy summer night.