Exclusive Video Premiere: ‘Bad::Better,’ Fine Times

Split between two screens and infused with juxtaposing pastels, the latest video for from Vancouver-based duo Fine Times is a surreal creation by director Nathan Boey. “Bad::Better,” the titular song from the pair’s recently released EP, focuses on the duality of human nature and its accompanying video is premiering below.

“It’s about people—specifically shitty human beings—who are made slightly less shitty by their not-so-shitty significant others,” one half of Fine Times Matt Moldowan says. “It’s about embellishing my own insecurities and being amazed that someone else thinks they’ve found some sort of virtue in me. It’s only a matter of time before the jig is up.”

Moldowan and Jeff Powell first emerged in 2010 and released a self-titled debut LP in 2012. The Bad::Better EP (Light Organ Records) furthers their quest to produce quick and catchy pop songs through dark lyricism lightened by upbeat synths and bass. With short pop songs, “there’s no time to get bored,” Moldowan continues, “but there’s just enough time to establish an earworm.” When watching and listening to “Bad::Better,” we couldn’t agree more.