Exclusive Video Premiere: ‘As Young As Yesterday,’ Korallreven

Published December 8, 2011


Swedish outfit Korallreven takes its time. Although the duo debuted its first single two years ago, a first full-length album, the inventively-titled An Album by Korallreven, wasn’t released until a few weeks ago. Everything about the video for their first single, “As Young As Yesterday,” directed by Marcus Söderlund, reflects this disregard for the ticking clock: the laid-back synth-pop rhythms guided by a faithful 808, repeated lyric “What’s age anyway?,” and a familiar black-and-white aesthetic. We follow a young skater (played by Nisse Ingemarsoon) wearing an unremarkable white T-shirt as he travels in slow motion. He’s going nowhere in particular; every road looks the same, an eerily empty LA highway flanked by palm trees. He passes an occasional high-rise, a pedestrian or two, but everything is slightly out of focus—an ambiguous film set. However old you were yesterday, you’ll find something to be nostalgic for in Korallreven’s video. Time, geography, and bothersome aging are successfully suspended until the song gradually fades away. Ah, if only…