Exclusive Video Premiere: ‘As Far As My Eyes Could See,’ Hortlax Cobra ft. Noonie Bao

Over time, memories that once felt vibrant and readily recollected begin to fade away, turning into the static of our subconscious. Through flickering television screens, John Eriksson of the band Peter Bjorn and John and Swedish artist collective/record label Ingrid, explores this very feeling in the music video for “As Far As My Eyes Could See,” a track authored by his electronic alter-ego Hortlax Cobra.

In the kaleidoscopic video—which premieres below—screens flash images like that of a worn VHS tape, set to a synth-driven beat and featured vocalist Noonie Bao singing, “As far as my eyes could see / With tears in my eyes / Blinded by heartache / I lost you that Sunday.” “Noonie is a brilliant songwriter and artist on her own,” says Eriksson. “When I heard an acoustic version that she recorded for one of her tunes, I got a strong feeling that her voice would match the tone of this track perfectly.” Noonie’s wistful vocals paint any lingering memories as now intangible, and though the memories brought to life in “As Far As My Eyes Could See” ultimately fade to black, the shimmering song and Eriksson’s eclectic sound leave a lasting impression. 

Eriksson considers this video a sequel to one he made for the song “I’m Still Here;” both feature televisions as “symbolic figures of fading memories,” says Eriksson, but, “this time, all the memories are lost in static noise.” Both tracks also hail from a four-part series of double-single releases that began in 2015, which Eriksson refers to as a “song cycle.” The three-year project is set for completion in April with the release of two final songs, followed by an album titled Lightworks.