Exclusive Video Premiere and Interview: ‘Stitches,’ Junglepussy

Brooklyn-born rapper and digital phenom Junglepussy hit the music scene hard back in October with her visuals for “Cream Team,” a smooth club banger chock-full of quotable lines. Lucky for us, JP is back with a second helping, in the form of her new track “Stiches” and its accompanying video, a project in collaboration with The Usual Suspects and Glastnost NYC. The rather gripping storyline finds the young talent in the midst of a relationship, which is put to the test by a conniving female friend—which, interspliced with killer outfits and a hypnotizing hook, makes for one captivating clip. Will Junglepussy hold onto her guy, or will our hero lose him to another woman? Watch “Stiches” and find out, and then read our Q&A below with the star herself, wherein she discusses the making of the video and what’s next.

ALEX CHAPMAN: How’d you come up with the concept for this video?

JUNGLEPUSSY: I came up with the concept of this video after finding the strength to leave a very crazy relationship with a past lover. I wanted to make a video about how I wish things would’ve went. I wish that these bitches didn’t take my man away from me, I wish that my man and I would’ve stuck together and did what we had to do to just overcome these girls that always try to break up relationships.

CHAPMAN: What made you cast all real people?

JUNGLEPUSSY: I wanted to cast real friends because throughout that whole relationship, nobody got me through it besides my friends. Like, I was happy that when I got out of the relationship I still had friends left. I just wanted it to be very realistic, and I feel like all of my friends have gotten their hearts broken, or been through relationships where boys just be acting up and trying to play them, so I wanted my homegirls to be in it. I chose my love interest to be a guy who I was very close friends with and very comfortable with, and I feel like it worked out for the best.

CHAPMAN: The video has some amazing looks. What’s your favorite fashion moment?

JUNGLEPUSSY: My favorite look from the video would have to be the girls’ bedroom scene. I feel like that’s where everybody was stuntin’ and all the girls looked their best. Everybody looked so good! It wasn’t even a competition—nobody looked better than the next person, everyone just looked very good. That was very satisfying to me because it is my video, but I wanted my girls to look poppin’ too, so I’m glad we got to accomplish that, thanks to the stylist Hayley Pisaturo.

CHAPMAN: What do you hope people take away from it?

JUNGLEPUSSY: I hope people’s reaction to the video will be not so serious! A lot of people from my first video, “Cream Team,” take it very serious and try to analyze it. Just enjoy the video for what it is—enjoy me and my boo kissing, enjoy me and my friends chilling in the room, enjoy everything about it. That’s what I made it for—for entertainment purposes.

CHAPMAN: What’s next for JP?

JUNGLEPUSSY: Well after this video I’m going to be wrapping up my mixtape coming out very, very soon. It’s going to be a very good blend of sounds for me. I just wanna make sure you guys are satisfied! Be on the lookout for that, it’s coming real soon, you dig?