Exclusive Track Premiere: ‘We Don’t Wanna Dance,’ JANE

Born and bred Los Angeleno JANE has never released a song. Today, that changes; with our premiere of his debut track “We Don’t Wanna Dance,” the artist (who has yet to reveal his full name) introduces himself—and he isn’t shy. His first words, which chase a disco build-up and are set to funky percussion, seem as though they’ve been lying in wait for quite some time: “It’s coming of age, in a beautiful phase of Hollywood / Where every day is another page from a picture book / Like a magazine full of beauty queens misunderstood / We treat them so wrong.”

For “We Don’t Wanna Dance,” JANE let his stream of consciousness take hold—as he usually does with writing—pacing his room, singing lyrics, and testing melodies. His state of mind revealed itself; he’s disillusioned with his hometown, his generation, and top 40 tracks.

“[It’s] the product of being young and living between Los Angeles and New York, and just being so tired of hearing and seeing the same things,” he explains. “It doesn’t let up. Everyone dresses the same, everyone dances the same, and everyone speaks the same. … I can’t watch the person next to me film their entire evening on a cell phone. I’m just bored,” he continues. “I don’t feel like I’m being represented here.”

JANE feeling displaced in the present results in embracing artists and sounds from the past; he cites Marvin Gaye and the Rolling Stones as major influences. While he tells us this track is representative of “who I am and what I have to offer,” he’s ready to make more—be that music, poetry, or another art form entirely. “I want to move quickly. I want to feel sexy. I want to groove,” he says. “But mentally, I’ve already moved on. I have a lot more I want to express.”