Exclusive Track Premiere: ‘Doing Good,’ Milky Chance

Although they haven’t released an album in over three years, Milky Chance‘s knack for simply structured, introspective songs will always be in demand. Today, we’re pleased to premiere the German duo’s latest single, “Doing Good,” which feels as relevant as ever—both in their evolving sound and in its essential message.

“This song shows the development we went through as a band from our first album,” says Philipp Dausch, the duo’s producer half. “Our sound is now a mix of live instruments, but still sounds electronic and walks in that world in-between [genres].” Dausch’s buoyant musicality, which takes form as a lithe dance number in “Doing Good,” alongside the melancholic vocals of his counterpart, Clemens Rehbein, embody a somber optimism that is typical of the band. In explaining the track’s inspiration, Milky Chance criticized a tendency so many of us are guilty of: telling one another we’re “doing good” when we are far from it. Dausch described this expression as an escape mechanism—one we use “in order to ignore the things that actually, on the contrary, make [us] feel bad.”

There is, however, a flipside to this turn of phrase, a nod to Milky Chance’s reluctant positivity: saying we’re “doing good” can encourage us to be happier. “I think we have a lot things in our lives that are good and that we should be grateful for,” says Dausch. “Looking at the things that are good in life helps us all to get closer to feeling good.”