Exclusive Track Premiere: ‘Do You Miss Me At All,’ Bridgit Mendler (Marian Hill Remix)

Singer-songwriter Bridgit Mendler might be a Disney Channel alum, but she’s not your average pop star. On “Do You Miss Me At All,” the R&B tinged track off of her recent coming of age EP Nemesis (Black Box), the 23-year-old makes a soulful showcase of jilted love while drawing from unexpected influences. “I love Lauryn Hill, and out of my songs on the EP, this one reminds me most of her,” says Mendler. Her self-assured songwriting derives from personal experience and a stream of consciousness approach, and in the case of “Do You Miss Me At All,” inspiration arrived spontaneously. “The song poured out of a moment of vulnerability and frustration,” she tells us. “I sang out the chorus in my car—directed at no one present, but thinking of someone in particular.” Recently, the track received a jolt of electricity in the form of a remix by Jeremy Lloyd, the production half of duo Marian Hill, which we’re pleased to premiere below.

While the reworking retains the warm, emotive quality of Mendler’s vocals, it lends “Do You Miss Me At All” a slow-burning electro vibe. With choppy bass sounds and modulations of pitch, it has a fresh, experimental edge that pairs well with Mendler’s style. “I love the groove of this original song, which made it such a pleasure to flip it,” says Lloyd. “I started by chopping up and pitching down her vocals, and playing with using them as drums, and the whole thing took off from there.” While the personal story behind the song makes it unique to Mendler, she’s pleased to see it sonically reinvented. “I was really impressed when Marian Hill sent over their rendition,” she recalls. “I thought it sounded like it could have been its own song entirely.”