In this Place with Chaos Chaos


Chloe Saavedra customizes her drum kit with found objects—”trash,” as she told us when we spoke with her and her older sister and bandmate, Asy, last September. Listening to Chaos Chaos’ new single, “In This Place,” which we are please to premiere below,  you wonder what unusual instruments are behind Chloe’s percussion.

Precocious is still the most tempting adjective to apply to the Saavedra sisters. Chaos Chaos began, many years ago, as Smoosh, when Asy and Chloe were still in elementary school, and the fact that they could write any songs—let alone songs as catchy as they did—seemed exceptional. Even as young adults, they seem older than their years. Layered over keyboard and cello plucks, Asy’s vocals are sultry and inviting. She describes a mysterious man, “like a child in trouble; he knows it.” At first, it’s hard to know who’s in control—the omniscient narrator, or the man she allows to lead her into “This Place”—but as the song crescendos, Chaos Chaos asserts its dominance.