Exclusive Song Premiere: ‘Book Your Skin,’ Post Louis

It’s a story as old as the hype cycle itself: after the dissolution of a buzzy UK guitar rock band, the members disperse and a number of worthwhile projects spring from the ashes. Post Louis comes from the famed fallout of Cajun Dance Party. Known mostly as the teenage outlet of Yuck and Hebronix members Max Bloom and Daniel Blumberg, Cajun Dance Party included three other members: Will Vignoles, Vicky Freund, and Robbie Stern. Post Louis is Stern’s new project with vocalist Stephanie Davin, and it’s at least as worthwhile as the music his former bandmates are making.

On last year’s This Could Be A Bridge EP, Stern distilled some of his ever frenetic guitar work into more staid contexts. Coming on like the more driving tracks from the golden age of mid-aughts indie rock (think Broken Social Scene and their affiliates) this EP was an impeccably composed and considered effort, even at only four tracks long. Moving forward, Stern and Davin seem to be following this melodic indie-pop muse ever further as they emerge again with a new track, “Book Your Skin.” Drawing on the band’s home-recorded roots, Davin says that the “claustrophobic and unstable” new track was “originally recorded to [their] 8-track” with Stern handling “all the string parts in one take using a looper.” These are slapdash techniques no doubt, but the duo is practiced enough that the result is starkly beautiful, if a little unsettling.