Elle Erdman


Age: 22. Hometown: Bethel, Connecticut. Currently resides: Bushwick, Brooklyn. Occupation: Dancer and choreographer. Day job: Waitress at La Esquina restaurant in Nolita. Reason for coming to New York: For a dancer it’s pretty much mecca. As soon as I graduated from college, I moved here. A lot of my friends went home to save money, but I was like, “No, not happening!” Current projects: I’m starting rehearsals for dance shows with a choreographer named Jimena Paz. Also, Thurston Moore [of Sonic Youth] is my uncle-we’re going to work on something soon. Plus, I’m getting a show together with Kim Gordon [Moore’s wife and Erdman’s aunt]. Best celebrity sighting: I waited on Tyra Banks’s table the other day. I had no idea it was her at first; on TV she’s so decked out, she’s practically wearing stage makeup. When she came in, she just looked like this plain, very tall woman-until she started talking. Dream date: Julian Casablancas from the Strokes. He’s just sexy. I like his style and music. Favorite fictional character: Astro Boy. When I was a kid, I had a bag with him on the front. I’d go to Chinatown and try to find that junk. Theme song: “Sweet Music” by the Yardbirds. -Lucy Madison