How I Met My Mentor: Drake on Lil Wayne




At the age of just 28, Lil Wayne has already made an indelible influence on a young generation of rappers. He famously discovered and mentored Drake, after a tape by the former Degrassi star made it to his inner circle. The rapper commanded Drake’s presence in Houston the next day. The rest is history, as told to Dimitri Ehrlich and Interview:

The, the music was played to him by someone I knew at the time who was around him. I assume it was played on the tour bus, you know, but I never really got the exact story. Two songs into it, he stopped the CD and asked the person to get me on the phone. I showed up to Houston and I was staying at the Hotel Derek, I remember. They brought me to my room and I was just in disbelief, like, “What am I doing here?” You know? For me it was surreal.