Cee-Lo and Jaleel White Play Games With Our Hearts

Cee Lo Green has—finally!—released a video for “Cry Baby,” a single from the same album that brought us last year’s ubiquitous summer hit “Fuck You.” (Release another album, Cee Lo! We’d be happy to buy it with one of those iTunes gift cards our aunt has faithfully sent us every Christmas since 2003.) The video, a retro-fabulous ’50s throwback, features Jaleel White—yes, the once and future Urkel—as Cee Lo himself. Though White’s still rocking plaid, he’s ditched the Coke bottle frames and suspenders. His star turn isn’t as weird as it sounds like it might be: White isn’t a Gary Coleman-esque child star who looks exactly like he did while playing his most famous role. Not once while watching the video did we imagine him saying, “Did I do that?” (Well, except for just now.)

The video opens on the stoop of a freakishly clean brownstone—where’s the bird poop on the railing? Where’s the tar-colored gum?—as White attempts, not so subtly, to break up with a girl who can’t take the hint. He then tries to convey his message via a pretty impressive dance sequence, backed by girls in pearls, red lipstick, and poodle skirts and boys in khaki and plaid. The video ends with his lady abandoned alone on the stoop. We know how she feels, since it’s exactly how we felt when we realized this wasn’t a single from a new album—except our stoop wasn’t so pristine.