Westworld returns with a striking new trailer


HBO’s Westworld is returning for a second season next month, and the trailer is upon us. Scored by a string-laden orchestral version of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box,” the spot covers a lot of ground—we catch up with all the intrigue surrounding Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores, Ed Harris’s The Man in Black, and the rest. The clip centers on a conversation between Jeffrey Wright’s Bernard Lowe and Dolores, who’s trying to convince him that his life is valuable despite the revelation that he is, in fact, a host.

Meanwhile, Maeve is still searching desperately for her daughter, who may or may not be real. We also see mysterious shots of characters running around on a beach, as well as glimpses of the new theme park Shogunworld. Ed Harris’ Man in Black strides towards a mysterious-looking doorway, announcing “I’m gonna burn this whole thing to the ground.” It’s juxtaposed with him walking toward a ragged door cut into the side of the mountain, which may be a nod to the secret code name of this season, “The Door.”

In the final shot, Dolores smiles at Bernard, and asks, “Why on earth would you ever be frightened of me?”

Look out for the debut of the new season of Westworld on April 22nd, and watch the trailer below.