Twin Peaks actress Pamela Gidley has died


Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me [1992] actress Pamela Gidley died earlier this month at her Seabrook, New Hampshire home, her family announced in an obituary. Gidley was 52 years old and the circumstances surrounding her death were unclear.

Her final, and only, Hollywood credit in the last decade was reprising the role of Teresa Banks in Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces [2014]. She played a teen prostitute and addict, whose murder projects the plot forward when it turns out to mimic that of Twin Peaks mainstay Laura Palmer.

In a 2016 interview with Brad Dukes, Gidley detailed how director David Lynch wanted her cast in the film so badly, he was willing to pay to fly her between sets in Seattle and a movie she was working on in the Bahamas.

“I was literally going from the Bahamas to Seattle, from Seattle to the Bahamas, almost every other ten days … That to me was like, ‘Wow, you want me that bad?’ Holy Christ. I can’t imagine anyone wanted me that bad,” she says in the interview.

Josh Brolin, her co-star in 1986’s skateboarding drama Thrashin’, remembered Gidley as “a spitfire, and a truly funny person.”

According to reports, acting took a backseat to caring for her sick brother in the years before her own death on April 16, 2018. Watch a clip of her performance as Banks below: