The trailer for Eighth Grade, Bo Burnham’s directorial debut, is here

Bo Burnham has made you laugh on camera with his roles in The Big Sick and Rough Night, and he’ll continue to do so in his latest project—this time from behind the lens.

Eighth Grade, Burnham’s directorial debut that enamored audiences at Sundance and SXSW, follows the life of Kayla, [Elsie Fisher] a middle-schooler growing up in a time where social media is a form of socializing. In the trailer, we see Kayla’s confidence in her online life as she rattles off the typical YouTuber sign-off, “As always, make sure to share and subscribe to my channel” with ease, but struggle IRL to interact with her flesh-and-blood classmates.

With Kayla and her peers more immersed in technology than any generation before—she reveals she downloaded Snapchat in the fifth grade—Burnham draws on his own personal experiences to tell a story of self-worth, self-discovery and, of course, selfies. Eight Grade hits theaters on July 13, 2018.