Shark Night 3D: Sinqua Walls


Name: Sinqua Walls
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
What’s your greatest fear? Letting my family down.
If you could sic a shark on anyone in the world, who would it be? My old college basketball coach.
Do you have any special shark-fighting methods? Sneak up on the shark with a spear clinched tightly in my hand, and then attack.
What about tips for innocent vacationers who want to avoid getting devoured? Take Sinqua’s Shark Fighting 101 online class.
If the Jaws shark had to go up against a shark in Shark Night 3D, who do you think would win? The Shark Night 3D sharks would win, hands-down.
What’s your favorite scary movie? It by Steven King-it scared the crap out of me, and I never liked clowns anyway.
What else do you have coming up? I’m currently filming The Secret Life of The American Teenager.