Coming Out of Retrograde


Six-pack abs, passionate kisses and high-flying vampire action: It’s all crammed into the new one-minute-47-second mouthwatering trailer for New Moon, the second installment in the popular Twilight series, which opens in theaters November 20. Unveiled last night at the MTV Music Awards, and currently spreading online like a blood-borne virus, the New Moon clip offers fans of the surprise blockbuster a succulent taste of what’s to come. A birthday party gone horribly violent as a result of a paper cut and undead heartthrob Edward (Robert Pattinson) offering his mere mortal paramour Belle (Kristen Stewart) the ultimate kiss off: “This is the last time you’ll ever see me,” he says.

Breaking up is always hard to do, but when stylishly dressed, bloodthirsty creatures are stalking you, it’s a real bummer. Aside from various gothic fashions on display,  the trailer’s most significant tease is the brief unveiling of the hunkiest werewolf in romantic horror. Once human character Jacob Black (newcomer Taylor Lautner), who takes on a greater role in the sequel as a rival love interest for Bella, transforms not just into a menacing canine in the clip’s finale, but moments before, as a beefed-up stud. Teenage girls, consider yourselves warned.