Maude Apatow on Parties, Parents, and Pets

Top and Vest by Salvatore Ferragamo. Skirt by Los Angeles Apparel. Socks and Shoes by Miu Miu.

Like her character on HBO’s Euphoria, Maude Apatow is a keen observer of life. The 24-year-old actor has been working since she was seven, appearing in movies like Assassination Nation and The King of Staten Island, which was directed by her dad, Judd. Now that she’s all grown up, she’d like to tell us about her pets, apps, and bad habits.


INTERVIEW: What’s on your lockscreen?

APATOW: A picture of my cat, Dolly <3

INTERVIEW: What’s your favorite outfit?

APATOW: My most worn article of clothing is an extra large Mason Ramsey t-shirt.

INTERVIEW: What’s the third picture on your camera roll?

APATOW:  A spider monkey swinging in a tree

INTERVIEW: How often do you call your parents? 

APATOW: Too often to tell.

INTERVIEW: Who throws the best parties?

APATOW: If it’s karaoke, me.

INTERVIEW: What are you interested in? 

APATOW: Korean dog grooming styles.

INTERVIEW: Who scares you?

APATOW: My sister because somehow she became cooler than me.

INTERVIEW: What relaxes you?

APATOW: Reruns of Catfish.

INTERVIEW: What makes you snap?

APATOW: If you ask me one more question—

Top by Tommy Hilfiger. Tie by Brooks Brothers. Skirt by Los Angeles Apparel. Hair Accessory (Maude’s left) by Susan Alexandra. Hair Accessory (Maude’s right) by Teva Livne. Belt by Miu Miu. Shoes by Keds.

INTERVIEW: What keeps you level? 

APATOW: NOTHING—oops— I just—hi!

INTERVIEW: What makes you cringe?

APATOW: The joke I tried to make in the previous answer.

INTERVIEW: Who do you miss?

APATOW: My first dog Elmo.

INTERVIEW: What’s your favorite restaurant? 

APATOW: Nami Nori.

INTERVIEW: Who do you feel closest to?

APATOW: Christopher Yuzu Enzo Apatow. My cat.

INTERVIEW: When was the last time you screamed?

APATOW: In my sleep last night.

Shirt by Isabel Marant. Skirt by Los Angeles Apparel. Necklace by Susan Alexandra. Socks by Tommy Hilfiger. Shoes by Thom Browne.

INTERVIEW: What’s on your TikTok For You page? 

APATOW: Unsolved true-crime cases, cats making biscuits, musical theater deep cuts.

INTERVIEW: What was the last app you downloaded? 

APATOW: The Prime Sleep Recorder app.

INTERVIEW: What do you avoid?


INTERVIEW: What mood are you in? 

APATOW: Changes by the *second.*

INTERVIEW: What bad habit do you want to get rid of? 

APATOW: Criticizing myself.

INTERVIEW: What’s your prediction for the future?

APATOW: I take it day by day.

Turtleneck by Loro Piana. Skirt by With Jean. Socks and Shoes by Miu Miu. Glasses by Warby Parker.


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Hair: Lacy Redway

Makeup: Michaela Bosch using Surratt at Bryant Artists

Set Design: Eric Mestman at Bryant Artists

 Digital Technician: Matthew Shrier 

Production: Born Artists

 Photography Assistant: Matchull Summers

 Fashion Assistants: Lindsey Eskind, Tahshea Labrew and Devante Rollins 

Production Assistant: Ryan Keenan