Heading Toward Balty-Wood


We at Interview are never ones to brag about our pedigrees—you’d be hard-pressed to see a mention of Andy Warhol, for instance. But we’re proud to announce that two of Interviewmagazine.com’s multi-talented contributors have been selected to show their films at the Maryland Film Festival, which opens this weekend. Eugene Kotlyarenko‘s 0s & 1s is the episodic tale of a young man who loses his computer and falls prey to the post-modern condition. Stripped of his access to technology, our protagonist (played by Morgan Krantz) becomes moody and disrespectful, and descends into a fully animated world of video games. It’s perhaps the first film to play out in the messy, utilitarian format of the computer screen. Lena Dunham‘s Tiny Furniture is a vaguely autobiographical feature about a young woman with established artists for parents (the director’s own parents are Carroll Dunham and Laurie Simmons, who act in the film) who is looking to strike out on her own while moving back home. The film won best narrative feature at this year’s South by Southwest. Continue to check our blogs for your fix of twenty-something malaise!