Jaimie Alexander

“I will never be a waif,” swears Jaimie Alexander. “I want to -market myself as a healthy-looking woman who is an action-star kind of girl.” It appears  that won’t be a hard sell: The 25-year-old actress is currently shooting Thor, Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of the Marvel comic series in which the ancient Norse god comes to life on present-day Earth (Chris Hemsworth stars in the title role). Alexander plays the only female in Thor’s warrior pack—a part which required hours a day in the gym. “I’ve trained with lots of sharp objects for this role,” she notes. (Training is not a new gig for Alexander; she was one of few girls on her Colleyville, Texas, high-school wrestling team.) Prior to Thor’s release next year, Alexander will appear in Love and Other Drugs, a comedy about the first Viagra salesman (Jake Gyllenhaal), in which she plays one of his many romantic interests. “I had the best time with him,” says Alexander of Gyllenhaal. “He would randomly walk around as this gay German character in the makeup trailer. It got me every time.”

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Photo: Jaimie Alexander in Los Angeles, January 2010. Dress: Ralph Lauren collection. Necklace (stylist’s own): Tiffany & Co. Fragrance: Love Crystal Parfum by Ralph Lauren. Styling: Moses/Margaret Maldonado Agency. Hair: Terry Millet for Leonor Greyl/Photogenics Beauty at Smashbox. Makeup: Nellie Kim for Shu Uemura/Margaret Maldonado Agency. Special Thanks: Milk Studios Los Angeles.