Jade Pettyjohn Loves Eating Breakfast for Dinner with Her Modern-Day Hippie Friends

Jade wears Earring by Balenciaga.

Jade Pettyjohn, already a star with the Nickelodeon set, graduates under the tutelage of her movie mother Nicole Kidman in the crime thriller Destroyer. The 18-year-old actress loves eating breakfast for dinner and getting weird with her friends. Here, four other things to know about our November ViewGirl.


1. “I love hanging out with my kind of people, making art, and being weird. One of my favorite things to do is invite a bunch of friends over to my place to cook dinner and have jam sessions. Making art is the majority of my life. I love street-performing around L.A. My friends and I are like modern-day hippies.”

2. “I learned a lot by observing Nicole Kidman on Destroyer—watching her ability to fill the space and take control of things. I play her daughter, and, like most relationships, theirs is very complex.”

3. “I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I would say my three best friends are Fiona Palomo, Isabella Acres, and my boyfriend, Finn Dayton.”

4. “My friends and I have this diner where we usually go very late at night to order breakfast. I think breakfast-for-dinner is iconic teenage food. You get the eggs, the pancakes, the waffles, and the coffee—and you’re up all night because of the coffee, but it’s worth it.”


Hair: Andre Gunn using T3 at Honey Artists
Makeup: Sophie Haig using RMS Beauty 
Production: Alli Maxwell
Photography Assistant: Paloma Criollo
Fashion Assistant: Kat Danabassis
Manicure: Stephanie Stone using CHANEL Beauty at Forward Artists