Casting Call: The Truman Show

In which we suggest who should star in the next big adaptation, remake, or historical film.

Truman Burbank’s entire life is a television show; all of his loved ones are actors and his hometown is a set constructed by a corporation. The whole world knows who Truman is—they’ve watched him since he was a baby, 24-hours a day—but Truman knows nothing of the real world.

Released in 1998 and starring Jim Carrey,
The Truman Show was an extremely prescient film. Seventeen years later, Paramount’s newly relaunched TV studio, Paramount TV, is adapting the film into a Truman Show television series. We don’t know much about the show’s format—whether Truman’s will gradually uncover his situation throughout the seasons as in the film, or be completely cognizant, as in the 1967 British television series The Prisoner, one of the film’s original inspirations. But we have a few ideas about who Paramount should cast. 

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