Casting Call: My Cross to Bear

In which we suggest who should star in the next big adaptation, remake, or historical film.

It’s March 1971. The Allman Brothers Band is basking in the breakthrough success of its live album, At Fillmore East. As the founding fathers of Southern rock, The Allman Brothers Band’s journey was worthy of a film adaptation from the start. But after the death of two band members, internal disputes, and even greater fame—an Allman Brothers biopic will finally grace the silver screen.

In the midst of rumors involving his upcoming film CBGB (it was recently announced to hit theaters this October), The Hollywood Reporter announced in May that Randall Miller is returning to direct yet another rock-‘n’-roll biopic. This time, Miller will switch from New York City’s punk scene to the emerging popularity of Southern rock in the early ’70s. The film will be based on Gregg Allman’s 2012 biography, My Cross to Bear, with Miller and Jody Savin writing the screenplay and is scheduled to begin production later this summer in Georgia.

Since casting still remains in its preliminary phases, here are a few actors we think could portray members of the original Allman Brothers gang.

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