Casting Call! Ian Fleming: The Man Behind James Bond

In which we suggest who should star in the next big adaptation, remake, or historical film.

It is so tempting to conflate characters with their creators—especially when they share common superficial traits, or are part of a particularly salacious narrative. Take Ian Fleming, author of James Bond, for example. Fleming was a notorious womanizer in his youth and a bit of a rule-breaker; he had a mistress while still at Eaton, left military school before graduating after allegedly contracting gonorrhea, had affairs with the married ladies, etc. During WWII, he assisted the Director of Naval Intelligence, John Godfrey, liaised with clandestine government agencies (both American and British), and concocted strategies for how to defeat the German u-boats. All starting to sound a bit Bond-like, isn’t it?

We’re a little taken aback that no one has made a successful (or notoriously awful) Fleming biopic to date, but it seems that one is in the works based on Andrew Lycett’s biography of Fleming, Ian Fleming: The Man Behind James Bond.  Click through our slideshow to see who we think should play Fleming, his friends, enemies and lovers. We’ll tell you now that Daniel Craig does not appear in this slideshow.

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