Agenda: Horror Show

Our pick for the scariest summer movie–sorry, The Human Centipede–is Josh Fox’s natural-gas-drilling documentary, Gasland (HBO Documentary Films, June 21). The director’s intimate case studies of individuals and families whose water sources have been poisoned by unregulated drilling for natural gas are at once personal and-when replicated across the U.S. as energy companies ante up in the hunt for a cheaper oil alternative–frighteningly pandemic. “The cost of natural gas remains the same,” argues Fox. “It’s just a matter of who’s paying. If you don’t have regulations, then the environment pays.” Gasland arrives on HBO as Congress deliberates on the frac Act, a bill that would remove the exemption from regulation that drillers were granted via an energy bill pushed through in 2005 by former Vice President Dick Cheney. Below, five of the scariest things in Gasland. More info at