Zilli’s New Muse

Aaron Young and Peter Lindbergh, two artists who appreciate modeling and motorcycles, have joined forces on a new campaign video for Zilli, a luxury French menswear brand specializing in leather and fur. A fitting muse, Young is best known for coating the bottom of motorcycles with paint and turning The Armory into what was described as a “Hells Angels rally” with his show “Greeting Card.”

“I found Young’s work ‘Burn Out,’ with its motorbike tire tracks on aluminum panels, particularly interesting because it brought to mind some of the exclusive prints and embroidery used in the silk lining of our signature Zilli jackets,” explains Alexandra Schimel-Fila, the brand’s communications director and daughter of co-founder Alain Schime. “Collaborating with someone like Aaron Young allows us to maintain a dialogue with contemporary artists,” she tells us. “In fact, he is not the first artist linked to our brand: for many years Francis Bacon was a friend and fan of Zill and a frequent visitor to our London store.”

Young and Lindbergh continue this tradition of artistic excellence with their film, which highlights Zilli’s attention to detail and use of the finest materials. The brand hopes this is collaboration will mark “the beginning of a new era, to be continued with the creation of a specially designed jacket for Zilli by Young.”