Who’s That Guy: Maxwell Runko

For Mikael Jansson’s “Salvatore Ferragamo, remixed” story in our November issue, Interview creative director Karl Templer needed fresh-faced youngsters with a grown-up feel. Rising star Maxwell Runko (Major) fit the bill. Here the young model talks about Brooklyn, Boy’s Life, and the dreaded American Eagle phase.


Where did you grow up? Shirley, Long Island 

Was it very fashionable? No, not really. I wore a lot of hand-me-downs and Kohl’s type clothes growing up on Long Island. At the age of 12 my family and I moved to Virginia, where I now live, and by this time it was everyone’s Hollister, Pac Sun and American Eagle phase.

Did you grow up reading magazines? Sort of, but not really—the only magazines I read were Boy’s Life and Mad Magazine, the essentials.

Were you tall? No, I was pretty even with everyone else. I started to grow more when I entered high school.

How were you discovered? When I was 16, I sent my photo portfolio to a local agency, Modelogic [Wilhelmina], to see if I could test with some models. Within my portfolio I had some self portraits littered throughout and thats how they picked me up! Everything started to manifest from there.

What has been your dream campaign? Marc Jacobs.

Whose runway have you always wanted to walk? Jil Sander or Marc Jacobs.

Whose look are you obsessed with right now? Cole Mohr has a cool style. His changing hair color keeps everyone on their toes and is a distinct feature about him.

What is your favorite city? My favorite city for vacation, work and just in general is NYC. I love the varying seasons, the amount of people and the opportunities that are within it! The parks are also cool, as is Brooklyn! It’s an awesome city.

What is your favorite food? Cream cheese and chive crackers

Tell us about your first shoot. My first test shoot was with Tony Veloz in DC. The styling was over the top and interesting and Tony was/is awesome. He has such a creative eye so it’s always so fun to shoot with him; he’s a gifted photographer! I was nervous at first, then at the end I was thrilled. I couldn’t stop talking about it.

How do you prepare to walk? I’m excited right before I walk—walking is such an exciting aspect [of the job]. How I prepare to walk? I just kind of go!

Photo by Easton Schirra