Tom Ford Delivered Catsuits and Filler Dolls for Fall-Winter 2024

Tom Ford

All photos courtesy of Dara Allen.

THURSDAY FEB. 22, 2024 7:32 PM MILAN.


MEL OTTENBERG: Let’s talk about the Tom Ford Show

DARA: Oh, okay. Cool, go for it.

OTTENBERG:  So we were just talking about the music. Before the show started, they were playing the orchestral music from Basic Instinct because Sharon Stone was there. And later they played “Blue” by LaTour, the club scene song from Basic Instinct. Really incredible song, important song. Sharon and LaTour was the kind of camp that I desperately need from Milan. Highly expensive camp. Sharon Stone always looks good. I just love her.

DARA: Yeah. Every time I get dressed I’m like, Sharon Stone.

OTTENBERG:  Sharon Stone. All right, cool. I think you’re giving Sharon Stone today.

DARA: Thank you.

OTTENBERG:  You’re welcome. Sharon Stone business lady

DARA: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

OTTENBERG:  I’m scrolling through my videos, there was a purple sheer dress that I quite liked.

Tom Ford

DARA: The purple was fun, You know what I was into, little fur coat, little short. Really nasty.

OTTENBERG:  Little fur coat, little short.

Tom Ford

DARA: It was a little white fur coat. Because the girl was really pumping in it.

OTTENBERG:  I liked this little bandage dress. It’s so out that maybe it’s in.

Tom Ford

DARA: It is. It actually is in. I say yes.

OTTENBERG:  Also, you know what? This is giving Mystique Boutique-

DARA: Which we love.

OTTENBERG:  …which is a compliment.

DARA: No, Mystique Boutique is the highest compliment for me.

OTTENBERG:  It’s giving indie sleaze.

DARA: Yeah.

OTTENBERG:  Not that Tom Ford is trying to give indie sleaze, but this dress has been vetted for that.

DARA: It hearkens back to an era where parties were fun and girls were glamorous-


DARA: …and debaucherous. Exactly.


DARA: … the perfect

MEL OTTENBERG … now that is a new wave hooker.

DARA: She was cool.

OTTENBERG:  She was cool in this purple dress. Let’s look at her again.

Tom Ford

DARA: You know. She’s hanging with Jane Fonda in Klute and looking wild. Amazing.

OTTENBERG:  That’s an amazing dress. I don’t care about that dress.

DARA: No, no, no.

OTTENBERG:  Okay, at this point they started playing, “I’m Losing My Mind,” the Pet Shop Boys song.

DARA: With Liza.

OTTENBERG:  … Minnelli.

DARA: Love that song.

OTTENBERG: They went into “You Were Always On My Mind,” but I was thinking, what if Liza was there? I would… I don’t know what would’ve happened. To me.

DARA: Liza’s wearing these little mini’s.

OTTENBERG: No, Liza, you’re right. Oh my god. Do you think that’s a Liza reference?

DARA: It’s so Liza, right? Liza with a Z.

OTTENBERG: Liza with a Z, babe. A Lavender Liza moment. Okay, so this is where they started playing “Blue” by Latour. and I just was so mesmerized by Sharon. But we can’t really see the clothes very well here, so I won’t-


MEL OTTENBERG: Oh, I think this is a great catsuit.

DARA: That was hot. She tore.

OTTENBERG:  That’s leather, leather–

DARA: Lattice.

OTTENBERG: Laser-cut lattice situation. That’s great, I don’t like that one as much.

DARA: That one’s made for me.

OTTENBERG:  Also, look at Uma Thurman here.

DARA: Wow.

OTTENBERG: Just going crazy.

DARA: She’s getting her shot.

OTTENBERG: Wait, did you like that dress?

DARA: I kind of love that dress.


DARA: Do you like that dress?

OTTENBERG: I’ll tell you one thing, that’s a good dress.

DARA: It’s a good dress.

OTTENBERG: I understand liking it, actually. Wait, is that brown one good?

DARA: The brown leather. I just love her. Matilda. She’s it.

OTTENBERG:  Oh, yeah. Look at that coat.

DARA: What else is here?

OTTENBERG:  I don’t like that.

DARA: No. I love her.

OTTENBERG: I love her too.

DARA: Love her character. With the glasses.

OTTENBERG:  I think she’s a doll. No, There was a doll two looks before her that was wearing… Wait, wait, wait.

DARA: This diva giving you all that Tom Ford, Gucci.

OTTENBERG:  Oh, yeah. I like that. Wait, I want to see if you happened to get the doll.

DARA: Did I get the doll?

OTTENBERG: Yep. There she is. Look at her.

DARA: I don’t know her.

OTTENBERG: I think I’m right.

DARA: I don’t know her. I’m not a good mother, you know?

OTTENBERG: I don’t think she was giving me like, “Oh, she is the one next doll.” But I was just like, “Oh, I don’t know this doll.”

DARA: That’s allowed now. What’s very fierce right now is that there’s just filler dolls. Not that she’s filler. Just saying, we can have that. That’s progress.

OTTENBERG:  Yeah. That is progress.

DARA: I used to be a filler doll.


DARA: I get it.


DARA: We love that.


DARA: Yeah.

OTTENBERG: Wait, did you like that?

DARA: This one?

OTTENBERG: I don’t know how I feel about that.

DARA: I couldn’t tell.

OTTENBERG: Were there any other stars there?

DARA: At Tom Ford?

OTTENBERG: Well, there was the star that shaded me, and we’re not going to discuss that here because it’s hysterical and it’s our own private, incredible moment.

DARA: Yeah, but you got shut down.

OTTENBERG: It was so fucking funny. I got the old heave ho. And I loved it. I was obsessed by some beautiful famous lady. And that’s perfect, I loved it. I loved the read. Moving on and in conclusion, Sharon Stone is a real star.

DARA: Sharon Stone.

OTTENBERG: Uma Thurman.

DARA: Uma Thurman was there.

OTTENBERG: One of our real stars.

DARA: I saw her outside. She really–

OTTENBERG: Anyone else?

DARA: I was sitting behind a lot of stars.


DARA: And it was like a barrage of lights. It was crazy.


DARA: I don’t know who they were, but there were a lot of them. Some stars.

OTTENBERG: I saw. I don’t know who that guy is.

DARA: Callum Turner, the new Dua Lipa boyfriend. He’s so cute.

OTTENBERG: I knew he looked familiar. He’s so cute. She really pulls.

DARA: He’s so cute. Then there were these fierce Asian divas who made them scoot down because they wanted to sit next to each other, even though they were separate.

OTTENBERG: Oh, okay.

DARA: They were besties.

OTTENBERG: Okay. Cute.

DARA: And then we had the supermodels, like Amber and Alek. I was sitting behind them. I got a good seat.