These Boots Were Made For Slaying

CAMPERLAB’s Venga Cowboy Boot

The American frontier has for decades remained an object of fascination and desire for the fashion industry. The archetype of the cowboy—a lonesome sunset rider clad in tight jeans and eccentric boots—has inspired runway shows, fashion editorials and, in some cases, entire brands. Take San Antonio’s legendary brand Lucchese, known for its high-end clientele including Zsa Zsa Gabor, President Lyndon B. Johnson, and military officers in the late 1800s. Now CAMPERLAB is throwing its hat in the ring with the Venga boots, their outlandish yet wearable version of the infamous heeled shoe. According to boot historians, they first appeared in the 18th century (available only in two styles) as the shoe of choice for horse riders. The exact origin of the style remains unclear: some say it hails from Kansas, while others claim Texas as the birthplace of this cowboy staple. But no matter its provenance, Camperlab’s version stars true to the fundamental flamboyance of the shoe, featuring a prominent and pointy silhouette with an exaggerated sculptural rubber sole made out of plasticine modeling clay, available in three classic colorways and two color blends. These CAMPERLAB boots were made for city walking, and it shows. With that Western vibe in mind, we gathered a list of films—from Hannah Montana to Midnight Cowboy—that pay homage to the Wild West and its signature fashions.


My Own Private Idaho, 1991



 Bones and All, 2022



Brokeback Mountain, 2005



Hannah Montana: The Movie, 2009



Midnight Cowboy, 1969



 Georgia Rule, 2007



Drop Dead Gorgeous, 1991